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1. Trujillo

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Address: Peru

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We know you're looking at dream rural houses Trujillo, and we also know you should stay at
We are in one of the main cities of Peru, nationally known for a traditional dance called the marinera. In the city centre we can find the most emblematic places and buildings such as the cathedral of Trujillo and the bluish Casa Urquiaga. A curiosity that you will also find in is that on the outskirts of Trujillo there is a mini-city that was once a Chimu kingdom, but is now abandoned.
These plans will fall short for all the content we have ready for you in, hundreds of explanatory posts that will help you to get around and succeed in our city. We are natives from here, a group of friends who are willing to show you everything they know to make your insertion in Trujillo much easier. Whether you are looking for dream rural houses Trujillo or any other subject, stay with us and fall in love with what for us is the most beautiful city in the world!
Let's get to it!